Heads up! Updates for CosmWasm Ecosystem:

Today, we announce the next important milestone for the decentralized future of our ecosystem: InterWasm DAO.

InterWasm DAO will be the organization driving CosmWasm ecosystem growth. It is an initiative by Confio and other CosmWasm based chain foundations to drive community involvement.


CosmWasm arose out of a Hackathon in summer 2019 and for the first year was a 1–2 person operation. Around then some larger grants came in and we started scaling out the team. Shortly after, it went live on two mainnets (Terra and Secret) and we also took on the CosmJS project.

Here to announce you CosmWasm is now integrated GitPod!

Gitpod is a container-based development platform that puts developer experience first. Gitpod provisions ready-to-code development environments in the cloud accessible through your browser and your local IDE.

How to use?

cosmwasm-template contains gitpod configuration file .gitpod.yml included, new projects will have gitpod supported out of the box. To enable the feature on old contracts, put down .gitpod.yml on root of your project.

Then follow the steps at https://www.gitpod.io/docs/getting-started.

Once you have the gitpod extension, green gitpod button will pop up. It will lead to your GitPod workspace.

Voila, your online IDE will be ready:

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

Akıllı sözleşme motoru CosmWasm’ın arkasındaki takım Confio olarak, DeFi’ye adanmış bir blokzincir başlatma planları üzerinde çalışıyoruz ve size planlarımızı paylaşabileceğimiz bir noktadayız!

Bu ağ, CosmWasm 1.0 üzerinde çalışacak ve önümüzdeki aylarda Tardigrade adı altında piyasaya çıkış yapacak.

Tardigrade neleri içerecek?

Tardigrade başlangıç anından itibaren finansal uygulamalar yürütmek için dayanıklı ve güvenilir bir blockzincir olmayı hedefliyor. Tardigrade piyasaya çıkış anında Ethereum ağı ile arasında değer takası yapabilecek ve kendini kanıtlamış olan UniSwap v2 otomatik likidite protokolünün varyasyonunu içerecek. Bunların yanında Bitcoin ağı ile değer takası için gerekli inovasyonlar için araştırmalarımızı yürütmekteyiz.

Yukarıda bahsedilen teknolojiler, otomatize piyasa yapıcı protokolu ve likidite sağlayarak başarılı DeFi ürünleri…

Photo by Ariel on Unsplash

HackAtom V has finished and the winners have been announced!

Thanks to the Cosmos community for the awesome event. It is amazing to see CosmWasm is being used in action and we have had some nice things said about it.

As Confio, we are more than happy to support hackathons or any kind of kick starter events since CosmWasm was born the same way one year ago at the Berlin HackAtom. It is wonderful that a project build over one intense weekend could become a full-fledged and supported open source project.

To show our gratitude, we have decided to support…

From https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Roman_Senate

In the CosmWasm Governance Voting Event: Simulate UniFi DAO funding
blog post, we presented you with the idea of funding using smart contracts. Smart contract deployment has been executed successfully.

Now you learn how to interact with the smart contract and maybe initiate your own!

export CONTRACT_ADDRESS=cosmos18vd8fpwxzck93qlwghaj6arh4p7c5n89uzcee5

If you have admin access to the contract you can add or remove admins by running the command:

export UPDATE_ADMINS_MSG=’{“update_admins”: {“admins”:[“cosmos1u3nufc2kjslj2t3pugxhjv4zc8adw5thuwu0tm”, “cosmos1fp9qlazkm8kgq304kalev6e69pyp5kmdd5pcgj”]}}’gaiaflex tx wasm execute $CONTRACT_ADDRESS “$UPDATE_ADMINS_MSG” \
--from account

Subkey allowances can execute send token transaction using the command:

export SEND_MSG=’{“execute”:{“msgs”:[{“bank”:{“send”:{“amount”:[{“denom”:”umuon”,”amount”:”1000"}],”from_address”:”cosmos18vd8fpwxzck93qlwghaj6arh4p7c5n89uzcee5",”to_address”:”cosmos1cs63ehtq6lw86vc87t42cnhcmydtnrffzdjhkz”}}}]}}’gaiaflex tx wasm execute $CONTRACT_ADDRESS “$SEND_MSG” --from account…

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash


These days, the most basic way of accounting for a DAO is collecting tokens under a multisig/escrow account and sending them out with collection participant signatures. This procedure usually works but lacks functionality.

Let’s say we want to grow the DAO multisig maintainers from 5 to 10, all the tokens need to be moved to the new multisig account for each owner change. Also, a pre-defined proportion of owner signatures must be collected for every action. As you can see maintaining a multisig account is not scalable.

cw1-subkeys smart contract is here to help.

cw1-subkeys contract is a basic proxy…

Everything is ready. Gearwheels(rust, wasm) are greased, testnets are up. Now it’s time to see some action.

You must be asking what is this gif?

It takes only 24 seconds.

This is how long it takes to create your own CW20(ERC20 on CosmWasm brand steroids) token from zero. It only requires a node REPL import and some keyboard typing. Really that’s all.

Let’s walk through you through at a slower pace.

This tiny, cute command up there does a lot more compared to its size. This is the reason the GIF up there takes 24 seconds not hours.


I downloaded the code and built it. But uhhh.... How do I verify that the code is same as yours and not manipulated somehow?

Let’s begin the article with a story: King of the CryptoLand, the land where you use Bitcoin to buy haystack and use Dogecoin to pay your taxes, wants to organize a feast where he can show off the ingredients and spices which he received as war booty from his latest campaigns. He orders his servants to hand over the ingredients to the royal cooks. But the problem is that the spicery is extremely valuable. …

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